Turnkey Facilities

Both project manager and water treatment expert, Namthip Water World controls all the stages involved in designing and building plants, including design studies, plans, works and commissioning.


More than 100 projects carried out equipped all over the world. Whether it involves plants for Usage and drinking water production, desalination, wastewater pollution removal, wastewater sludge treatment and recycling, these facilities offer every guarantee in terms of health security and compliance with the standards in force.


In addition to design, the teams provide complete management of the construction stages: choosing the process and locations, establishing the price, managing purchasing, monitoring the construction site, assembling the equipment and commissioning the facilities. Performance, reliability and harmonious integration into the environment are the basics, which provide the foundation for namthipwaterworld’s activity as a designbuilder. 


With the idea of anticipating needs, the group is also ensuring it offers “ergonomic” plants, designed to make day-to-day activities easier for the future operator.

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    ระบบ Water Treatment

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    รหัส : กรอกรหัสสินค้ายี่ห้อ : กรอกยี่ห้อสินค้ารุ่น : กรอกชื่อรุ่นสินค้าแนะนำรายละเอียดทั้งหมดของสินค้า เช่นคุณสมบัติเรื่องราวประวัติความเป็นมาประโยชน์ใช้สอยวิธีการเก็บดูแลรักษา

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    Waste Gas Management
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